Why are random seams opening up on my new solid wood floor?

All solid wood flooring is sensitive to seasonal temperature change. During the winter months the heating systems are active which results in less moisture content in the air. This causes the wood flooring to naturally contract. A new installation is particularly prone to this seasonal acclimation and the cycle of warmer weather will restore moisture levels, closing the open seams.

When can you come by for our quote? 

Within a couple of days of our phone call. Evenings between five and seven or weekends upon request.

At what stage should the hardwood flooring phase commence?

All structural work needs to be completed including drywall and mudding to first coat of paint. Tiling and grouting usually preceed any wood floor work. Heating should be in and running and 100 amp electrical service is required. All cabinetry and millwork trades follow the floor finishing stages.

We have a lot of stuff. What do we do?

For an additional fee Woodsong can help you organize the job into manageable phases. This includes moving of furniture, dust protection and seamless transition work.

How long will my job take?

A 500 sq. ft. natural sand and finish project will be completed during the work week. Add a couple of days if you’d like a dark stain.

When can we move in?

48 hours for furniture placement and one week for area rugs.

How do I clean the new floors?

I will provide you with a cleaning kit and instructions at the completion of your project.

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